About Victory Eight


Victory Eight in Pursuit of Perfection

The Star-rated Service Team in Pursuit of Ultimate Satisfaction in Customers

Victory Eight, established in the market for more than 40 years, specializes in the field of agency for laser instruments and is committed to providing customers with "Star-rated services" for ultimate satisfaction.
We believe that the most perfect customer service comes from a professional team with full dedication, who cares about the business of customers with a mission of solving customer problems and creating value.

We provide three major service values which are customized services, dedicated team, and flexibility and transparency. We integrate and provide multiple services in counseling and consultation, project design, technical support, and instant maintenance. We also work towards digitalization and smart direction to further improve our quality of "Star-rated services". The staff of Victory Eight are professional-oriented and carry the four values of collaboration, accountability, reliance, and enthusiasm. The C.A.R.E values based on care for customers are formed to provide different and real customer-oriented "Star-rated services" through the implementation of the corporate culture.

The spiritual slogan of our brand is "Victory Eight in Pursuit of Perfection," whereas the "Eight" represents our attentive care for customers in all dimensions; and the "Victory" suggests abundance and security, meaning the satisfied and secure results provided to customers. From care attending to customer needs to the production of beautiful and prosperous results, our slogan interprets the corporate philosophy of customer first.

Founder of Victory EightFounder

Founder/Chairman of Victory Eight

Paul Tung

(圖)Paul Tung
(圖)Paul Tung
Founder/Chairman of Victory Eight

Paul Tung

Victory Eight is a top aesthetics and medicine agency in Taiwan, that is committed to introducing advanced aesthetics and medicine products from various countries. Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to the aesthetics and medicine market and our professional team is equipped with profound industrial knowledge and clinical professional techniques in the market. We progress continuously with our beliefs and take into account safety and quality in the pursuit of beauty. We look forward to recruiting more new employees to our big family.

(圖)Paul Tung

Our Value

Three Brand Commitments with Customer-Orientation

Brand commitments are the value we bring to customers. We are committed to giving the three commitments of providing Star-rated services towards customer orientation through the most professional and dedicated team in the market.



We profoundly understand the market and the trends to customize solutions for each customer, providing the plan most suitable for practice needs.

(圖)Professional Team

Professional Team

We own the most experienced and professional service team that can provide solutions to after-sale services to bring customers the most prestigiously and attentively perfect experience with dedication.

(圖)Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback

We provide each customer with instant information and services through a high level of efficiency, assisting customers with fast response to market demand and creating a win-win situation.

Principles Abided by Staff of Victory Eight

Care of Team and Customers: C.A.R.E. Brand Value

(圖)C.A.R.E Brand Value


The foundation for value creation



The rule of presenting professionalism



The source of satisfaction and reputation



The cornerstone of communication service


Organization Chart

(圖)Organization Chart